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World AIDS Day 2017.

Act Against AIDS. Get Tested.

  World AIDS Day 2017 Nearly seven years after the AIDS crisis first struck America (but only two years after then-President Ronald Reagan had the courage to finally acknowledge the epidemic); I was born in a small town along the Texas-Mexico border, completely oblivious to […]

Two Reverends are Queering the Modern-Day Church.

How Two Reverends are Queering the Modern-Day Church

  Helping Queer People Find Their Place in Church   Here’s my latest for Reverend M. Barclay, who is ordained within the United Methodist Church; admits there’s not a lot of work out there for gender non-binary trans queer pastors. That’s why, after feeling a […]

XO Talks Eagle Pass Pride. My Border Town's First Ever Pride.

Coming Home.

  My Border Town’s First Ever Pride     Here’s my latest for VICE: “Growing up queer in a Mexican American community rooted in faith wasn’t easy. But seeing that community celebrate my identity this weekend was a monumental experience.” Since moving to New York […]

National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day.

Let’s Stop HIV Together

  National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day   I’ve always wondered what my superpower would be if I was blessed to have one: telekinesis? Flying abilities? Invisibility? The possibilities are endless! But the truth is, I’m already a superhero! We all are! How is that possible, […]

Pope Francis Needs To Embrace ALL the LGBTQ Community.

My Latest for VICE

  Pope Francis Needs To Embrace ALL the LGBTQ Community.     Here’s my latest for VICE: “Francis’ reign has been marked by contradictions in approach toward queer clergy. And while he’s been progressive, comments made yesterday against his trans flock are a blow to […]


3, 2, 1… On-the-air.

    NEW Tracks Added.     Check out my most recent on-air radio appearances! NEW TRACKS ADDED Hopefully, you’ll like what you hear!