Betsy DeVos’ Security Could Cost Around 6 Million Next Year.



I believe you’ll be hard-pressed to find a Betsy DeVos supporter other than Donald Trump; the man who nominated her to be our nation’s next Education Secretary despite ZERO experience or qualifications; AND Mike Pence, who, for the first time in American history, cast the tie-breaking vote needed to confirm a Cabinet member since THAT many lawmakers didn’t like her for the job.

DeVos, a wealthy Republican donor, won countless detractors during her confirmation process; in which she admitted to not knowing about federal legislation protecting disabled students; derided public schools without ever having set foot in one; refused to commit to protecting vulnerable queer youth; and talked about her doubts on existing sexual assault policies on campuses. She has since announced plans to make it more DIFFICULT for assault victims to report these crimes; thus giving alleged rapists the benefit of the doubt. It was a decision that sparked national outrage; particularly among social liberals and anyone who has ever cared about protecting students.

While I can see how that choice has made her a target, it’s shocking to me to know that her security detail could cost roughly six million dollars over the next year or so. Perhaps there are concerns about protecting her due to her personal wealth, but still… it’s completely abnormal for a public servant like DeVos to need that type of service.