Former VP Joe Biden Condemns Violence In Chechnya.


As we’ve discussed here before, officials in Chechnya are not only targeting gay men, but they’re sending them to concentration camps by the dozens with the intent of exterminating them. It’s a human rights abuse that has YET to be addressed by the Donald. The only response from the Trump administration so far has been from U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley. Instead, you have Putin ally and our Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson making OTHER deals with the Russian government that don’t pertain to vulnerable people’s lives. WTF?

Joe Biden, however, has always been a friend of the LGBT community, and he’s done the work to prove it. Don’t forget: he was among the first public officials to voice his support for queer causes, including marriage equality. The fact that Biden is using one such cause as a reason to break his silence since leaving office in January is incredibly warming.