Go Stuff Yourself and Happy Thanksgiving



With gratitude and much appreciation Team HeyXorje and I send y’all warm wishes.

Feliz Thanksgiving y’all!

The best part about Thanksgiving — aside from the copious amounts of food, obviously — is gathering around the table with your loved ones and realizing just how blessed you are.

As you take your place at the kids’ table (even though you’re nearing 30, you’re not quite ready to sit with the ‘adults’) you essentially have the perfect view of everyone: the relatives who’ve known you your entire life; the spouses who’ve seen you since those really awkward years; and the new additions who are just now starting to learn that you don’t love cranberry sauce so don’t bother passing it over this way.

I look at everyone and think: God, we are all meant to be here at this very moment. We are meant to be a unit. We are meant to have the grace associated with this holiday to best reflect on the power of love and gratitude, especially at a time when we find ourselves, as a community, gravitating toward the light amid the darkness of uncertainty. And I’m beyond grateful for the opportunities presented to me, both personal and professional. Even though I’m not home 365 days a year, all it takes is ONE for me to feel the welcome of family.