HIV Vaccine Moving on to Large Scale Testing in Humans.



You can’t escape the numbers — tens of thousands of people — including gay and bisexual men, contract HIV annually, despite various methods of prevention, including pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP.

PrEP is taken daily as a pill that, when used with condoms, effectively prevents HIV infection. But that doesn’t change the fact that the CDC warns that 1 in 2 black men will contract HIV in their lifetime, while that number becomes 1 in 4 for Latinos. HIV is STILL a health risk we should be concerned about regardless of medical advancement, because, while we’re not seeing the same levels first witnessed during the early epidemic, HIV continues to affect countless Americans. But that might not be the case soon.

Researchers announced at the Global Citizen Festival that they’re beginning to test a possible vaccine that targets ALL HIV strains on humans. While I’m sure we’re years away from seeing its full efficacy, this news is encouraging for anyone who has ever feared being their true sexual selves.

Maybe in my lifetime, I’ll see the end of HIV.

#Hopeful #EndAIDS