NFL says Janet Jackson is NOT Banned from Super Bowl



As soon as it was announced over the weekend that; white pop sensation Justin Timberlake is next year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show performer; I, like countless others, immediately thought of the African-American woman he threw under the bus more than a decade ago despite their joint responsibility for what’s infamously become known as “Nipplegate.”

Of course; there’s been no official mention of Janet Jackson by Timberlake in the aftermath of the announcement; which comes almost 14 years after their last appearance together on what’s believed to be the biggest stage of them all. We all remember the “wardrobe malfunction;” that included Janet’s exposed breast and millions of outraged Americans; who complained to the FCC because of the bare incident. The acclaimed singer was immediately blacklisted by the entertainment world; (all the while, Justin was still enjoying the fruits of his fame); and it was rumored that she was banned by the NFL because of the stunt.

Due to online outrage over Timberlake’s new gig, the football organization was forced to respond to the gossip, saying there’s no ban and that it won’t comment on potential guests for the show. But if Justin knows better, he’s giving Janet a call right about now…