Rep. Joe Kennedy’s SOTU Response

If you were lucky enough to avoid Trump’s self-congratulating speech before Congress (because, according to him, he’s done quite a bit already, folks, to save our country from oblivion), you may have heard another address that really warranted our attention.

Giving the Democratic response to the State of the Union this year was a member of a political dynasty that my generation doesn’t really know much about: Rep. Joe Kennedy III, JFK’s great nephew. Few knew what to expect from the 37-year-old because of his relatively quiet profile. But after watching him talk to the American people, many, myself included, realized he was someone to applaud and thank for his support and service.

Do yourself a favor and watch 13-minutes of pure fire, which peaks when Rep. Kennedy briefly speaks Spanish to show his support of Latinos. Yes, I understand critiques from those wishing to see a more diverse speaker, namely a person of color. But when we have someone as eloquent and tenacious as Joe, let’s highlight and praise him.



You can read the transcript HERE.