Russia Ads Were Seen By 10 Million People According to Facebook.



ICYMI. Whether or not he’s actually considering a role in public office (and his most-recent ventures point in that direction); Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a lot to learn when it comes to apologizing to the masses.

The billionaire businessman issued a mea culpa saying he felt personally responsible for the way in which his social media platform was used to further enrage Americans already riled up by a unique election cycle. Part of that came from anti-immigrant and anti-LGBTQ ads purchased by Russian intelligence; in order to sway voters toward a more radical way of thinking (and it clearly worked — Donald Trump is our president.)

While Facebook tried downplaying the six-figure purchases (saying that only half ran before November 8th) it still revealed to Congress this week that roughly ten MILLION people saw the ads that WERE posted. That’s a significant number, to say the least. And the trouble is; it’s hard to quantify the damage those ads had; especially when we know that close to 46-percent of eligible voters STAYED HOME. Perhaps some of them saw these ads and believed they were authentic. I guess we’ll never know at this point.

What we DO know, though, is that social media sites like Facebook have to be far more careful about what content they do and do NOT allow; before more of our enemies use that information to their advantage.