Turning on Trump and his Cabinet



Yes, Donald Trump is quite deplorable, as is his equally-terrible vice president Mike “I Believe in Ex-Gay Therapy” Pence. But while most of the US and the political elite of DC remain transfixed by the train wreck that is Trump’s supposed presidency; (ranging from alleged Russian meddling, to repeated gaffes, to enabling white nationalism and blatant discrimination against Minority America); we’re all forgetting that his Cabinet is just as horrible.

Because, let’s not forget; we have a BRAIN SURGEON in charge of our nation’s housing issues; and a man who doesn’t believe in protecting the environment in charge of PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT. But it doesn’t get much worse than public school hater Betsy DeVos; the first nominee EVER to require a tie-breaking vote during her Senate confirmation hearing. Not only has Ms. DeVos never set foot in a public school; but she was unaware of federal law protecting disabled students during her testimony before lawmakers earlier this year. She and her family also actively donated money to organizations supporting homophobic causes.

Since assuming her position, though; she’s done just as much damage as you’d imagine. Aside from rolling back protections set forth by President Obama for transgender students; the Department of Education under her leadership just announced it was rescinding dozens of guidelines that helped with understanding disabled students’ rights. That’s after she rolled back rules centered on campus sexual assault. So, yeah, if you’re out there fighting Trump and his wicked agenda…make sure you keep his minions in mind, too.