The Cruel Truth of the Millennials' Financial Future.

Millennials’ Financial Crisis

  The Cruel Truth of the Millennials’ Financial Future There are certain types of people that love talking about money; and I guarantee you that list includes a real estate developer who somehow thinks that he and his millions are capable of relating to everyday […]

…5, 4, 3, 2, 1

  Happy New Year 2018!     Truth be told, I didn’t expect this year nor did I necessarily want it. I say that as a sane human being who; upon the insane election of reality TV show host and all-around unqualified ogre Donald Trump; […]

Home For The Holidays. Feliz Navidad 2017!

Home For The Holidays

  Feliz Navidad 2017! Greetings from Eagle Pass Texas. From all of us here at — we wish you the BEST holiday season EVER!  

World AIDS Day 2017.

Act Against AIDS. Get Tested.

  World AIDS Day 2017 Nearly seven years after the AIDS crisis first struck America (but only two years after then-President Ronald Reagan had the courage to finally acknowledge the epidemic); I was born in a small town along the Texas-Mexico border, completely oblivious to […]

Two Reverends are Queering the Modern-Day Church.

How Two Reverends are Queering the Modern-Day Church

  Helping Queer People Find Their Place in Church   Here’s my latest for Reverend M. Barclay, who is ordained within the United Methodist Church; admits there’s not a lot of work out there for gender non-binary trans queer pastors. That’s why, after feeling a […]

XO Talks Eagle Pass Pride. My Border Town's First Ever Pride.

Coming Home.

  My Border Town’s First Ever Pride     Here’s my latest for VICE: “Growing up queer in a Mexican American community rooted in faith wasn’t easy. But seeing that community celebrate my identity this weekend was a monumental experience.” Since moving to New York […]