National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day.

Let’s Stop HIV Together

  National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day   I’ve always wondered what my superpower would be if I was blessed to have one: telekinesis? Flying abilities? Invisibility? The possibilities are endless! But the truth is, I’m already a superhero! We all are! How is that possible, […]

Pope Francis Needs To Embrace ALL the LGBTQ Community.

My Latest for VICE

  Pope Francis Needs To Embrace ALL the LGBTQ Community.     Here’s my latest for VICE: “Francis’ reign has been marked by contradictions in approach toward queer clergy. And while he’s been progressive, comments made yesterday against his trans flock are a blow to […]

Queer Millennials Should Never Forget Edith Windsor's Name.

Say Her Name

  Queer Millennials Should Never Forget Edith Windsor’s Name.     Here’s the latest for VICE: ‘I had the privilege of briefly interviewing Edie twice, both times at LGBTQ events in New York City. The first was at Logo TV’s 2014 Trailblazers Awards ceremony, which […]

Dreams Never Die. Here To Stay.

Dreams Never Die. Get Informed. Fight back. Help Out.

  Take Action.     The DACA program protects 800,000 immigrant youth from deportation and gives them the freedom to work and live life. They are in school and working hard. They are our friends, our classmates, our co-workers, and neighbors. It may be yourself. […]

Race and Terror.

This is NOT my America

  Race and Terror.   Watching the aftermath of Charlottesville has been rough. Hell, reliving that initial neo-Nazi rally through video segments, photos, and first-hand accounts is just as debilitating. Because no one ever wants to think that their country… their home… bore entitled racists […]

My First Same-sex Crush.

Backstreet Boys Ushered in My Gayness

  My First Same-sex Crush.     ICYMI. My latest for NewNowNext ‘Leaning ever-so casually against what appears to be a white-painted wall; (although lead singer and my first imaginary husband, Brian Littrell, rests against a brick wall); the Backstreet Boys came into my life […]