Blaming Parents for #Masc4Masc Culture

Here’s a piece that’ll make you go hmmm. My latest for “…our masculinity fetish, is a learned behavior, much like compassion, humility, and open-mindedness. It’s one we’ve inherited from our straight parents who, for the most part, probably believe in the same traditional definitions […]

C'mon Get Happy -- El Weekend Is Here.

Welcome To Mi Mundo

I’m super-excited about my new adventure here at Hey Xorje TV and can’t wait for you to join me as I share my perspective on practically everything! The best part? YOU get to be part of our conversation! All it takes is a click of […]

SiriusXM Progress Presents.

Xorje With An X

For years while growing up, I resented my father, a second-generation Mexican-American named Juan José.  He dedicated his life to teaching high school Spanish in our border town of Eagle Pass, Texas.  My resentment was NOT because he and my mother, Margie, routinely smothered me […]

How To Be Gay in the Catholic Church

ICYMI: Here is the most recent piece I’ve written. “Though I may be a bit more religious than your average churchgoer—I spent ten years as an altar boy in South Texas, happily attended Pope Francis’s Mass at Madison Square Garden last September, and live on the […]