Meet Antonio.

Restaurateur, Mexican, Immigrant, Proud.

  Meet Antonio.     There are certain people whose stories epitomize the American Dream… you know; the ones that force you to step back and acknowledge the GREATNESS that has existed in this country LONG before a reality TV host called for its supposed […]

Blessed and Highly Favored.

ICYMI: XO Interviewed by Cassius

  Blessed and Highly Favored.   Team CASSIUS spoke to Xorje about his journey navigating life as a gay Catholic and how he’s found peace living at that intersection of both.  Check it out. Via   Read More Here

Órale! Xorje on Nightline ABC News.

Órale! Xorje on Nightline ABC News.

      It’s only after having appeared in my progressive Catholic parish’s documentary about LGBT Catholics that I fully started embracing this particular identity; especially as a proud Tejano who grew up in the church. I’ve always been okay being both gay and Catholic […]