Family Drama Inspired by Selena Quintanilla


Family Drama Inspired by Selena Quintanilla.


If you doubt the level of fandom I possess for the late, great Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, then you should know that; not only have I seen the biopic featuring her life story easily 4928 times; I also know every song, every lyric; I would happily perform a routine to her classics wearing one of the two T-shirts bearing her likeness that I own. Oh, I also have two Selena dolls–they were gifts. Swear.

Devastated that I was unable to fly to California late last year to witness my Tejana superstar receive her much-deserved ‘Star’ on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; I was surprised to learn that her legacy will now take her to the small screen; making it that much easier for her die-hard fans to consume content surrounding her iconic cultural contributions.



Well, sort of. It was announced this month that ABC has committed to a television pilot that’s loosely based off Selena. The proposed drama series will chronicle the journey of a Latina pop star inspired by Selena; who’s forced to go home to deal with a particular crises. Selena’s family, along with a renowned production company, will spearhead the project.

Selena’s Relevance on the Show

While I’m excited to see the scope of Selena’s relevance blossom (even 20 years after her death); I’m wondering why this is the story the Quintanillas want to tell; why this is the narrative they want to attach Selena’s name to if it’s not necessarily going to be biographical. I mean, Selena stays in the social consciousness because people are obsessed with her, specifically. Then again, it’s still incredibly early to speculate just how the show will incorporate particular plot points that actually resemble what we already know; including the rocky nature of Selena’s family accepting her guitarist husband Chris.

Either way; I feel like this is a welcome attempt at educating newer generations about the singer’s ongoing influence on society; albeit it with a little twist.

Now if only I can get a guest-starring role…hmmm…