Happy New Year 2018!



Truth be told, I didn’t expect this year nor did I necessarily want it. I say that as a sane human being who; upon the insane election of reality TV show host and all-around unqualified ogre Donald Trump; instantaneously became concerned with both his own personal well-being as an openly gay Latino millennial originally from the Texas-Mexico border and the countless other multi-hyphenates who had much to lose from his ridiculous ascension to power. I actually still have my Clinton/Kaine button pinned to my backpack as a reminder of what could’ve been had this buffoon not awaken the fears of white America determined to somehow make our nation great again by stripping ethnic and sexual minorities of their rights and dignities.

Over the course of 12 months, we’ve seen a myriad of stupidity from our child-in-chief; ranging from his determination to make Mexico pay for the infamous border wall that’s supposed to keep these alleged “bad hombres” at bay; to nominating the DUMBEST people our country has to offer to serve in his cabinet. Yes, I’m looking at you, Betsy DeVos; who used your money and clout to steal your place at the Department of Education, despite the fact that you know absolutely nothing about public schools nor the essential laws passed to keep ALL students safe.

We’ve also seen just how heartless this administration can be: stripping transgender students of protections awarded by President Obama; attempting to bar openly trans people from serving in the military; banning Muslims from roughly a handful of countries; trying to completely gut Obamacare and harm millions of Americans needing insurance; passing a tax plan that decimates the middle class and rewards the rich; and reversing measures designed to protect sexual assault victims. And that’s what I remember from the top of my head.


But speaking of sexual assault and harassment, it’s been both encouraging and devastating to see bold women and men coming forward to speak truth to their experiences as survivors. The fact that this aspect of our culture was silenced by despicable authority figures in various fields is maddening. And yet, the recent #MeToo campaign is providing a platform to those finally needing their voices heard at an unprecedented time.

And that’s honestly why this year has strengthened me. Starting with the Women’s March in January; the American people (at least those who CRINGE at the sight of MAGA) are standing up to hate and shouting it down with love and kindness. The resistance has grown so steadily, and its work is only just beginning. Through the use of social media, physical protesting, and more; there is greater awareness about issues that matter to a lot of ‘woke’ individuals, like police brutality against African-Americans, the plight of undocumented immigrants, the continued murders of trans folks, gun violence in general (so many mass shootings this year!), and women’s health.

It’s clear that 2018 has much in store for us.

I’m ready for it. I think you’re ready for it. And I sure as hell know that so is U.S. special counsel Robert Mueller.

Happy New Year everyone!!