Hate Has No Home Here.



In a way, it’s good that Donald Trump’s president; (I NEVER thought I’d say those words, but alas here we are). Were it not for his ascent to power; (along with noted white supremacist Steve Bannon); we would be completely oblivious to the level of blatant racism that exists in this country. That was very apparent over the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia; where hundreds of neo-Nazis gathered to protest against the REMOVAL of a Confederate statue. That event, along with a counter-protest by patriotic, sane Americas, led to unnecessary violence and death.

It’s no secret that former KKK leader David Duke is a fan of the Donald. In fact, Donald REFUSED to disavow Duke’s support while on the campaign trail, thus proving Trump’s complicit role in this radical display. His ridiculous, bigoted hate speech rallies white nationalists who are upset at the changing face of America. And the scary part is, there are a LOT more than we anticipated.

 HeyXorje.com sends prayers to the families of Heather Heyer, who died “fighting for what she believed in” — as well as the those injured during the fatal car crash on Saturday afternoon.