ICYMI: Here’s my most recent homage to “La Reina de la Cumbia”

“This March marks both the 20th anniversary of the film’s release and the 22nd anniversary of Selena’s death. The passage of time, though, has never deterred the fans of the young Mexican-American artist—myself included—from consuming all aspects of her brand. Just last weekend, 55,000 devotees traveled to Selena’s native Corpus Christi to attend Fiesta de la Flor, a music festival created in her honor. And believe me, it’s been a bitch trying to get my hands on the Selena MAC collection. (Um, for my sister.) She remains relevant today because her family and writer-director Gregory Nava decided to share her gifts to the world through cinema: I’ve happily dropped everything just to sit and watch Selena because of its intimate depiction of a life I grew up with in South Texas, one rife with synthesizers and accordions. ”  Via NewNowNext.com

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