Race and Terror.

This is NOT my America

  Race and Terror.   Watching the aftermath of Charlottesville has been rough. Hell, reliving that initial neo-Nazi rally through video segments, photos, and first-hand accounts is just as debilitating. Because no one ever wants to think that their country… their home… bore entitled racists […]

My First Same-sex Crush.

Backstreet Boys Ushered in My Gayness

  My First Same-sex Crush.     ICYMI. My latest for NewNowNext ‘Leaning ever-so casually against what appears to be a white-painted wall; (although lead singer and my first imaginary husband, Brian Littrell, rests against a brick wall); the Backstreet Boys came into my life […]

Hate Has No Home Here. "HeyXorje.com Says No!"

HeyXorje.com Says No!

  Hate Has No Home Here.     In a way, it’s good that Donald Trump’s president; (I NEVER thought I’d say those words, but alas here we are). Were it not for his ascent to power; (along with noted white supremacist Steve Bannon); we […]


3, 2, 1… On-the-air.

    NEW Tracks Added.     Check out my most recent on-air radio appearances! Hopefully, you’ll like what you hear!    

HeyXorje Stands With Our Trans Brothers and Sisters.

Fightback. Resist.

  Team HeyXorje Stands With Our Trans Brothers and Sisters.     Donald Trump’s ridiculous claim that he’s the most LGBT-friendly Republican EVER elected was officially debunked this week when he randomly decided to ban transgender people from serving within ANY capacity in our armed […]

Why I Can’t Afford A Summer Body.

Summer Body

  Why I Can’t Afford A Summer Body.     ICYMI My latest for NewNowNext I wasn’t proud of my decision to buy a monstrous grilled chicken burrito for lunch, especially when it cost me the equivalent of four loads of laundry. But the convenience […]