Brave DACA Recipient Studying Abroad.

First Person, Strong Person

Brave DACA Recipient Studying Abroad.   I wish Donald Trump and his administration would take a second; to read or listen to the incredibly compelling stories of their fellow US residents. There are a lot of people; including undocumented immigrants; who are doing amazing things […]

Shocking ICE Videos.

It’s Getting Worse

  Shocking ICE Videos.   ICYMI: We learned last week that much-maligned Sheriff David Clarke; who once encouraged the government to round up people and hold them at Guantanamo Bay indefinitely; may be second-in-command at the Department of Homeland Security. That just goes to show […]

Immigrants Do the Work Americans Won't.

They’re Coming For Your Jobs…

  Immigrants Do the Work Americans Won’t.     PLEASE don’t buy into the idea that undocumented workers are taking away jobs from U.S. citizens. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center; while farm workers run the gamut of being U.S. citizens; legal permanent residents, […]

Immigrant Workers Ready For May Day


Immigrant Workers Ready For May Day.     May Day is celebrated on May 1st and has always had thousands of participants advocating for workers’ rights; especially IMMIGRANT workers’ rights. This year will undoubtedly be different considering who’s in the White House. Despite the false […]

Vermont DMV Helps ICE


Vermont DMV Helps ICE It’s a bit scary when you start recognizing the various ways in which federal officials hunt down undocumented immigrants. To know that Vermont’s DMV office coordinated with ICE to identify prospective deportees; particularly during Obama’s last year in office, shows that […]

Número Dos

El Weekend Wrap Up Número Cuatro: ICYMI

El Weekend Wrap Up: Número Cuatro  19 MAR 17 This was my week in cyberspace. Now let me walk you through it… Rotten things… Disgusting Meat & Greet that words fail to express… You’re Such a Poopy Emoji Head are REALLY rotten to the core! […]