Pope Francis Speaking At TED 2017.

Then Francis Said

  Pope Francis Speaking At TED 2017.     People forget that Pope Francis was a chemist in his pre-papal days. The man is incredibly smart and knows a thing or two about technology. Perhaps that’s why I shouldn’t be as surprised that he gave […]

numero dos

El Weekend Wrap Up: ICYMI

El Weekend Wrap Up: Numero Dos  4 MAR 17 This was my week in cyber space. Now let me walk you through it… He can run — but he can’t hide… Holy twitter wars… and “minifigs.” Toys that teach.    

Palm Sunday Shade

I’ve been incredibly vocal over the years about living my life happily as an openly gay Catholic. Yes, you read that right–you can pick up your rosary beads now.  I know the Church, as an institution, isn’t the most inclusive, especially now that Pope Francis […]