Learning LGBTQ Flags.

Wave Your Flag

  Learning LGBTQ Flags.     Weeks ago, we here at HeyXorje talked about Philly’s “updated” version of the traditional rainbow Pride flag; that incorporated both a black and brown stripe to signify the inclusion of queer people of color. Now, if you thought there […]

El Weekend Wrap Up 22 JUL 17.

El Weekend Wrap Up: ICYMI

  El Weekend Wrap Up 22 JUL 17. Here’s what’s trending this week on HeyXorje.com. Now let me walk you through it…   Uno… Can I Get an ‘Amen’ Up in Here?   Dos… Fly Your Flag   Tres… Órale! Xorje on Nightline ABC News. […]

Laverne Cox Speaks Up.

Laverne Still Struggles

  Laverne Cox Speaks Up.     Laverne Cox is essentially the most visible transgender woman around. Her celebrity has afforded her the opportunity to shine a light on the trans experience; especially for those who felt they’d never leave the shadows of oppression. Now […]

Bathroom Bill Dies.

All for Love, and Love for All

  Happy Pride Weekend.   “It takes no compromising to give people their rights. It takes no money to respect the individual. It takes no survey to remove repressions.” – Harvey Milk To all our LGBTQ friends, family, AND our supportive allies — have a […]

Bathroom Bill Dies.

Fly Your Flag

  New Pride Flag Design.     I think people should always do what makes them gay, err, I mean, happy. The fact that organizers in Philly decided to acknowledge the existence of queer people of color by adding two stripes (brown and black) to […]

Lexington Bussines Refuses To Print Pride T-shirts.

Hands On Discrimination

  Lexington Business Refuses To Print Pride T-shirts.     Here’s Donald Trump’s religious freedom mentality at play. A Kentucky appeals court says a Christian-owned printing company should NOT have to print a pro-gay message on a queer group’s T-shirt order. It DID say, though, […]