East Austin's Black And Chicano History On Instagram.

Using a Latino Filter

East Austin’s Black And Chicano History On Instagram One of the best aspects of social media is its potential reach. More so than ever before, we have the ability to connect with thousands, if not millions, by posting on a variety of platforms designed to […]

Número Uno

El Weekend Wrap Up Número Uno: ICYMI

El Weekend Wrap Up: Número Uno  08 APR 17 This was my week in cyberspace. Now let me walk you through it… Friends Help Friends… Episode One: Cristela Alonzo look out for one another… Is This Penis Seat Taken? …because in the end — they’ll […]

Episode One: Cristela Alonzo

Though I’ve never been one for poetry, I specifically remember ONE work I encountered while in high school English class with Mr. López: Langston Hughes’s ‘Harlem’ (which up until this moment when I had to Google it, I thought it was called ‘A Dream Deferred’—my […]

Grandpa Gives Away Memories

Best. Birthday. Present. EVER!

Grandpa Gives Away Memories Though I was blessed to grow up with two beautiful souls as grandmothers; I never got a chance to meet my biological grandfathers; my paternal grandmother’s second husband died before I turned six. There are days where I’m overcome with thoughts […]

Not Always #AnythingforSelenas

Feud between Quintanillas and Chris Perez. I dare you to find a bigger Selena fan than me. I. DARE. YOU. I’ll have you know that I almost bought the coveted MAC collection, and I don’t even wear makeup. Well, except for when I’m on camera […]

Going for Gold

While the Trump administration is actively working towards rescinding rights for transgender students first implemented by President Barack Obama (not to mention, the continued argument about denying law-abiding transgender Americans the right to use the bathroom that matches their true gender), our LGBT brethren continue […]