Criminals On Dating Apps.

Gotta Be Careful!

  Criminals On Dating Apps.     People really need to be careful when perusing dating and hookup apps; or anything else that utilizes location services, for that matter. We can’t be naive in thinking that EVERYONE we encounter online is genuine; that they’re exactly […]

Words of Wisdom From Isabel Rose

Love is Love is Love is Love

  Words of Wisdom From Isabel Rose     I have the most loving, supportive parents any kid could ask for. I remember hearing both of them tell me upon my coming out seven years ago that they were ALWAYS going to have my back. […]

Anti-Semitic Incidents Rising Quickly.

Hate Should Never Prevail

  Anti-Semitic Incidents on the Rise.     The amount of hate being displayed post-Trump is unprecedented. We’ve seen Latinos, Muslims, women, black Americans, LGBT folks, and the disabled mocked and/or abused over the past few months; mainly because our reality show leader condones it. […]

Democrat's Poll Numbers.

Dems Beware

  Democrat’s Poll Numbers.     Because most of the country is united against Donald Trump’s divisive and destructive agenda; one would think that means that his natural opponents; liberals, and progressives, particularly within the Democratic Party, stand as a collective determined to make a […]

Federal Judge Blocks Trump Taking Funds From Sanctuary Cities.

ICYMI: Judge Blocks Trump

  Federal Judge Blocks Trump Taking Funds From Sanctuary Cities.     As we all witnessed, Trump bullied his way into the presidency on messages of hate, misogyny, and bigotry, proclaiming foreigners (Mexicans and Muslims specifically) as the root of America’s problems. Throughout his campaign, […]

Sally Yates To Testify.

This Just In…

  Sally Yates To Testify.     THIS JUST IN: Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates is set to testify May 8 before a Senate judiciary investigation into Russia’s interference in last year’s elections, her second congressional hearing at which she’s scheduled to testify within […]