Queer Millennials Should Never Forget Edith Windsor's Name.

Say Her Name

  Queer Millennials Should Never Forget Edith Windsor’s Name.     Here’s the latest for VICE: ‘I had the privilege of briefly interviewing Edie twice, both times at LGBTQ events in New York City. The first was at Logo TV’s 2014 Trailblazers Awards ceremony, which […]

Stages Of Internet Shaming.

Watch What You Say

  Stages Of Internet Shaming.     By now, everyone has probably seen entertainer Cher’s complete takedown of an online troll that amassed tens of thousands of impressions almost instantly. The pop icon originally tweeted that she and her staff would open up their homes […]

Race and Terror.

This is NOT my America

  Race and Terror.   Watching the aftermath of Charlottesville has been rough. Hell, reliving that initial neo-Nazi rally through video segments, photos, and first-hand accounts is just as debilitating. Because no one ever wants to think that their country… their home… bore entitled racists […]

Religious Freedom Laws.

Faith and Law

    Religious Freedom Laws.   Standing in the White House Rose Garden last Thursday; Donald Trump boldly declared that “freedom is a gift from God.” Well; guess what, Donald: So is my sexuality. Flanked by a gleeful Mike Pence, who notoriously advocated for a […]