Bannon Calls Spicer Fat.

Shaming is Uncalled For

  ICYMI: Bannon Calls Spicer Fat.     It’s hard to care about Sean Spicer’s feelings. The man serves as the mouthpiece (read: lapdog) for our child president. He is willing to outright lie to the American public for the sake of protecting a man; […]

Sally Yates Will Testify.

Yates to the Rescue

  Sally Yates Will Testify.     Trump and his advisers HAD to have known that Sally Yates would ultimately serve as the source of their potential downfall. When ’45’ first fired Yates as acting attorney general earlier this year; we were all under the […]

White House Will Keep Visitors' List Secret.

Can You Keep a Secret?

  ICYMI: White House Will Keep Visitors’ List Secret.     Perhaps because we were SO used to the level of transparency under an Obama administration; this definitely seems like the makings of a cover-up. And I’m inclined to feel that way considering a LOT […]

'Kindergarten Press Secretary' Sketch

Kindergarten Press Corp

‘Kindergarten Press Secretary’ Sketch. Sean Spicer is TERRIBLE at his job. I can’t think of ANYONE who publicly humiliates himself more than Trump’s Press Secretary. Wait, Trump does that. Either way, Spicer is supposed to stay calm and measured during his interactions with the press. […]

Jared Kushner’s Omissions

Quite the “Error”

Jared Kushner’s Omissions Jared Kushner isn’t qualified for anything. He’s Ivanka’s husband–that’s it. And yet somehow, he’s jetting off to Iraq; he’s in meetings with foreign leaders, and now he has access to our nation’s secrets. That last one, though, came under false pretenses. The […]

Russian Dressing

Dressing on the Side

Russian Dressing The ENTIRE story regarding Russia’s involvement in our electoral process needs proper dissecting. The media can’t just tire of talking about the various aspects of this situation, especially now that Rep. Devin Nunes, who chairs the House Intelligence Committee; is refusing to hold […]