Blessed and Highly Favored.

ICYMI: XO Interviewed by Cassius

  Blessed and Highly Favored.   Team CASSIUS spoke to Xorje about his journey navigating life as a gay Catholic and how he’s found peace living at that intersection of both.Β  Check it out. Via   Read More Here

East Austin's Black And Chicano History On Instagram.

Using a Latino Filter

East Austin’s Black And Chicano History On Instagram One of the best aspects of social media is its potential reach. More so than ever before, we have the ability to connect with thousands, if not millions, by posting on a variety of platforms designed to […]

Strong Political Art.

Left Behind

Strong Political Art Now that Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly has confirmed that his department is considering separating undocumented parents from their children upon apprehension; the reality of “border security” under a Trump administration has become more sobering. We’re talking about families who; either because […]

Chechen Authorities Killing Gay Men

First They Came for the Gays

Chechen Authorities Killing Gay Men I constantly have to remind myself of the privilege of living as an openly gay man in this country. Although we, as LGBT Americans, have yet to win FULL protection under the law; our sexual orientation and gender identity is […]

Desperately Seeking Green Cards

Til Deportation Do Us Part

Desperately Seeking Green Cards The threat of deportation in Trump’s America is very real and frightening. We’ve seen videos of parents being snatched by immigration officials; literally after taking their children to school. We’ve read stories of young people being sent back to countries they […]

Couple Moves Up Wedding So Dying Newborn Could Take Part

Love Lifts Us Up

Couple Moves Up Wedding So Dying Newborn Could Take Part This is the kind of story that both pulls at your heartstrings and then smashes the organ into pieces. Love is a fascinating feeling and act, and it manifests itself in ways we’ll never know […]