Meet Antonio



There are certain people whose stories epitomize the American Dream… you know; the ones that force you to step back and acknowledge the GREATNESS that has existed in this country LONG before a reality TV host called for its supposed return. Although there have been moments of struggle and strife over the years for a variety of communities, particularly minorities, opportunities do exist and present themselves — allowing some to fully experience all that America has to offer.

Antonio Vilchis Garcia knows that feeling firsthand. After moving to New York City from Mexico roughly two decades ago to provide for both himself and his large family; the openly-gay immigrant certainly did the work to achieve his unprecedented level of success today. Starting out as a bus boy and dishwasher at a local establishment in the early 90s; Garcia eventually climbed the American culinary ladder, while supporting his loved ones back home. Oh, and he obtained an education at the same time.

Now in his 40s, the nationally-recognized restaurateur is busier than ever. We sat down one afternoon at his original store; Mexicocina in the Bronx, to obviously talk food, culture, religion, and immigration. It’s clear in our conversation that Garcia has sacrificed a lot in his journey; a journey that’s been much maligned by conservatives, especially those within the White House, simply because of the color of his skin and the pronunciation of his name. We discuss Trump, the current political climate, and what it means to be American.

It’s a delicious conversation that ends quite sweetly.