Queer Adulting: Bringing Your Parents In After Coming Out



My family and I are incredibly close. To the point that I told them flat-out: “Look, your son’s going to be in Playboy!!” Their reaction? “Great!! But do we get a free copy of the magazine?!”

My first article for Playboy’s digital platform (which is expanding its LGBT coverage) is actually about this idea of openness and parental involvement. While I understand the difficulties associated with being frank with your parents about your sexuality, I’ve reaped the rewards of being very transparent with mine. My mom and dad know about my initial struggles with identification (mostly because we’re Mexican-American Catholics from the Texas-Mexico border); they’ve heard me gripe about my issues navigating this hetero-normative world where upward mobility is almost always guaranteed to straight white men; and they’re very much in tune with my feelings regarding our current anti-LGBT administration and it’s potential harm towards me and others like me.



The benefits of doing all of that is, I’ve allowed myself to grow closer to them, and them to me. I’ve never enjoyed the idea of hiding myself from my loved ones (even though it was almost necessary when I sensed I was ‘different’), and I’m glad I’m not anymore.

I think any attempt at making ourselves comfortable during an awkward time should be embraced and welcomed.


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