Border Wall Prototypes.

They’re All Horrible

  Border Wall Prototypes     Trump has been pushing for this damn border wall for almost two years now; even though several news reports say that fewer immigrants are actually coming into the US from Latin America than in years past. But he made […]

Trump’s New American Moment

  This Is Not Part Of The New American Moment Part of my frustrations with ongoing discussions about comprehensive immigration reform is the fact that DC power players seemingly think it’s so easy to lump everything together; if we’re going to do something for the […]

Why Trump's 'New American Moment' Isn't Right for Many Latinos. via Rolling Stone.

Enough Is Enough

  Why Trump’s ‘New American Moment’ Isn’t Right for Many Latinos     You can take the boy out of the border, but the border will always live deep within him. And that love of home will constantly drive him, especially during a very uncertain […]

Suit Claims Trump Violating Environmental Law.

Thanks, Xavier Becerra

  Suit Claims Trump Violating Environmental Law.     Xavier Becerra wasn’t lying when he said that he wanted to serve as California’s top lawyer in order to combat the executive failings of Donald Trump because that’s exactly what he’s done in just a few […]

Activists March Against Trump's Wall To Protect Church.

Praying for a Resolution

  Activists March Against Trump’s Wall To Protect Church.   One of my favorite parts about growing up in a heavily Mexican-American community along the Texas-Mexico border is seeing the wonderful influence religion plays in practically everything we do. Yes, we tend to be a […]