…5, 4, 3, 2, 1

  Happy New Year 2018!     Truth be told, I didn’t expect this year nor did I necessarily want it. I say that as a sane human being who; upon the insane election of reality TV show host and all-around unqualified ogre Donald Trump; […]

Home For The Holidays. Feliz Navidad 2017!

Home For The Holidays

  Feliz Navidad 2017! Greetings from Eagle Pass Texas. From all of us here at HeyXorje.com — we wish you the BEST holiday season EVER!  

XO on 'Political Dummies' Podcast w/ Blair Peyton.

Holy-day Language 101

  XO on ‘Political Dummies’ Podcast w/ Blair Peyton Hey y’all! Merry Christmas… yup, I said it. You know, some folks insist on keeping the Christ in “Merry Christmas” and some just want the Ho in “Happy Holidays” — what are your thoughts on religious […]