Trump’s New American Moment

  This Is Not Part Of The New American Moment Part of my frustrations with ongoing discussions about comprehensive immigration reform is the fact that DC power players seemingly think it’s so easy to lump everything together; if we’re going to do something for the […]

La Santa Cecilia's Single 'México Americano'

That’s My Jam

  La Santa Cecilia’s Single ‘México Americano’      I’m such a music fan and have been since my early days dancing to cumbias and Tejano in little Eagle Pass, Texas. Tejano music, in particular, holds a special place in my heart because it represents […]

Father Bids Farewell

  Father Saying Goodbye Before Deportation.     It’ll never get easy for me to read stories about parents having to leave their families behind because of outdated, harmful immigration laws. Trump’s Homeland Security Department has essentially ramped up the number of deportations in the […]

Aging Latinos Living With HIV.

Never Forgotten

  Aging Latinos Living With HIV.     The CDC estimates that one in four Latino men who have sex with men will contract HIV in their lifetimes. That’s the CURRENT projection. This in no way takes into account the many gay and bisexual Hispanic […]

Meet Antonio.

Restaurateur, Mexican, Immigrant, Proud.

  Meet Antonio     There are certain people whose stories epitomize the American Dream… you know; the ones that force you to step back and acknowledge the GREATNESS that has existed in this country LONG before a reality TV host called for its supposed […]

East Austin's Black And Chicano History On Instagram.

Using a Latino Filter

East Austin’s Black And Chicano History On Instagram One of the best aspects of social media is its potential reach. More so than ever before, we have the ability to connect with thousands, if not millions, by posting on a variety of platforms designed to […]