Transgender Women Murders Continue.

Save Our Trans Women

  Transgender Women Murders Continue.   The numbers are alarming no matter how you look at them: transgender women, especially those of color, are continuously falling victim to violence. We are nearing a dozen deaths, alone, this year, with that number expected to rise. Last […]

Caitlyn Jenner's Loyalty To LGBT Community.

Oh, Caitlyn

  Caitlyn Jenner’s Loyalty To LGBT Community.     ICYMI: I’m conflicted over my feelings toward Caitlyn Jenner. I respect someone who; after decades of inner turmoil, is able to finally find and live their full truth; regardless of jeers and snide remarks from ALL. […]

Just Keep Pushing Forward

No Friend Of Dorothy

Just Keep Pushing Forward. Change in our LGBT communities happens when we find the COURAGE to fight back and speak out about the inequalities we face in our daily lives. We’ve seen what that bravery has inspired and implemented – from the 1958 SCOTUS ruling […]

Trump Excluding LGBT Community On Census

You Can Count On Us

Trump Excluding LGBT Community On Census I figure since the entire world already knows I’m gay so should the federal government. Despite grumblings that the Census Bureau was going to include LGBT-specific questions on its 2020 questionnaire; in order to assess both the numbers and […]

Colombian LGBT Group Opens Houses Of Peace.

Peace Be With You

Colombian LGBT Group Opens Houses Of Peace LGBT people have always sought out safe spaces. Whether it be a community center, a bar/club, or any other location designated by allies to be free of prejudice. These spaces become increasingly important during times of conflict, which […]