Gay Workers Secure Win

LGBT Win Despite the fact that Donald Trump CLAIMS to be the most LGBT-friendly Republican elected to office; he hasn’t done much to make sure that our community remains safe under the law. Remember Obama’s historic protections for transgender students? Well Trump revoked them without […]

Episode One: Cristela Alonzo

Though I’ve never been one for poetry, I specifically remember ONE work I encountered while in high school English class with Mr. López: Langston Hughes’s ‘Harlem’ (which up until this moment when I had to Google it, I thought it was called ‘A Dream Deferred’—my […]

Colombian LGBT Group Opens Houses Of Peace.

Peace Be With You

Colombian LGBT Group Opens Houses Of Peace LGBT people have always sought out safe spaces. Whether it be a community center, a bar/club, or any other location designated by allies to be free of prejudice. These spaces become increasingly important during times of conflict, which […]

Vandalism Hits LGBTQ Centers Across Nation.

Fighting on the Frontlines

Vandalism Hits LGBTQ Centers Across Nation As I mentioned earlier this week; it’s incredibly difficult out there for LGBT people. Particularly transgender women of color; who are simply trying to live their authentic lives in a world that still considers them to be an abomination. […]

Supporting Transgender Women.

Fight for Our Trans Brethren

It’s National Day of Action for Transgender Women of Color! We, as an LGBT collective, need to be better about protecting our transgender brothers and sisters: plain and simple. Trans people, particularly women of color, disproportionately fall victim to violence and discrimination. In just three […]

Majority Supports Transgender Bathroom Freedom.

Washing My Hands of Discrimination

Majority Support Transgender Bathroom Freedom. Transgender Americans using public bathrooms is the biggest non-issue ever exploited by a political party, in my honest opinion. North Carolina’s decision last year to demonize our trans brothers and sisters because of their desires to use facilities that match […]