Gay Workers Secure Win

LGBT Win Despite the fact that Donald Trump CLAIMS to be the most LGBT-friendly Republican elected to office; he hasn’t done much to make sure that our community remains safe under the law. Remember Obama’s historic protections for transgender students? Well Trump revoked them without […]

Chechen Authorities Killing Gay Men

First They Came for the Gays

Chechen Authorities Killing Gay Men I constantly have to remind myself of the privilege of living as an openly gay man in this country. Although we, as LGBT Americans, have yet to win FULL protection under the law; our sexual orientation and gender identity is […]

Top 5 Legislators Working On LGBTQ Issues

ICYMI: Here is a piece I wrote for SOULE: “As we slowly start to make our descent toward the Mad Max: Fury Road-esque dystopia that will be Donald Trump’s America, we, as LGBT people, must begin to get a lay of the land in order […]

Número Uno

El Weekend Wrap Up Número Uno: ICYMI

El Weekend Wrap Up: Número Uno  18 MAR 17 This was my week in cyberspace. Now let me walk you through it… If you’re not up to the job… Let’s Get It On… Later Don’t fake it… F is for ‘Fake’ It’s always better to […]

Majority Supports Transgender Bathroom Freedom.

Washing My Hands of Discrimination

Majority Support Transgender Bathroom Freedom. Transgender Americans using public bathrooms is the biggest non-issue ever exploited by a political party, in my honest opinion. North Carolina’s decision last year to demonize our trans brothers and sisters because of their desires to use facilities that match […]

Yelp Will Show Now Wich Businesses Offer Gender-Neutral Bathrooms.

Now This Deserves a Great Review

Yelp Will Show Now Which Businesses Offer Gender-Neutral Bathrooms. With grumblings that the current administration is considering a federal religious freedom bill that would protect homophobes of faith, it’s good to know that businesses are taking a stand for their LGBT patrons. Because of harsh […]