Trump’s New American Moment

  This Is Not Part Of The New American Moment Part of my frustrations with ongoing discussions about comprehensive immigration reform is the fact that DC power players seemingly think it’s so easy to lump everything together; if we’re going to do something for the […]

Why Trump's 'New American Moment' Isn't Right for Many Latinos. via Rolling Stone.

Enough Is Enough

  Why Trump’s ‘New American Moment’ Isn’t Right for Many Latinos     You can take the boy out of the border, but the border will always live deep within him. And that love of home will constantly drive him, especially during a very uncertain […]

Rep. Joe Kennedy's Response to President Trump's State of the Union Speech. via Politico.

SOTU Response

  Rep. Joe Kennedy’s SOTU Response If you were lucky enough to avoid Trump’s self-congratulating speech before Congress (because, according to him, he’s done quite a bit already, folks, to save our country from oblivion), you may have heard another address that really warranted our […]

Pence is Looking Toward His Political Future.

Mike Pence’s Political Future

  Pence is Looking Toward His Political Future Mike Pence may not be in the picture as often as 45; but you know he’s skulking around the White House; planning his next move. His past crusades against LGBTQ people leave no doubt that he is […]

Meet Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy III, D-Mass

No Mercy!

  Meet Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy III, D-Mass     Son of Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy II, and grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, his speeches, most recently defending the Affordable Care Act and condemning the proposed Republican bill, have garnered him national attention. There’s no […]