Two Reverends are Queering the Modern-Day Church.

How Two Reverends are Queering the Modern-Day Church

  Helping Queer People Find Their Place in Church   Here’s my latest for Reverend M. Barclay, who is ordained within the United Methodist Church; admits there’s not a lot of work out there for gender non-binary trans queer pastors. That’s why, after feeling a […]

Número Uno

El Weekend Wrap Up Número Uno: ICYMI

El Weekend Wrap Up: Número Uno 15 APR 17 This was my week in cyberspace. Now let me walk you through it… Love is equal… Slam Dunk at the Courts love is God… Palm Sunday Shade and love never lies. Quite the “Error”

Palm Sunday Shade

I’ve been incredibly vocal over the years about living my life happily as an openly gay Catholic. Yes, you read that right–you can pick up your rosary beads now.  I know the Church, as an institution, isn’t the most inclusive, especially now that Pope Francis […]

How To Be Gay in the Catholic Church

ICYMI: Here is the most recent piece I’ve written. “Though I may be a bit more religious than your average churchgoer—I spent ten years as an altar boy in South Texas, happily attended Pope Francis’s Mass at Madison Square Garden last September, and live on the […]