Arrested Development Coming Back on Netflix

Let’s Get ‘Arrested’

  Arrested Development Coming Back on Netflix for Season 5.     This is one of the shows I’ve been tempted to start from the beginning. Not only am I a huge fan of a lot of the cast members (I’m looking at you, Jeffrey […]

Explicit Gay Sex Scene On American Gods.

How Do I Get Starz?

  Explicit Gay Sex Scene On American Gods.     I honestly had never heard of this show, or its original source material, UNTIL the media started making a big deal about this gay sex scene. I’m not one for supernatural content, but I AM a […]

'Better Call Saul' Season 3

Better Call Later…I’m Watching TV!

‘Better Call Saul’ Season 3 There are two TV programs that are among the best I’ve ever seen; and thankfully, they return for their respective third seasons this month. The first is FX’s anthology series ‘Fargo,’ which is a unique re-imagining of the classic 1996 […]

Trending TV Shows

Tuned In

Trending TV Shows Most of society is just too damn busy to keep up with all of the great TV out there. In fact, I think I only have time to watch three shows on a weekly basis because; I’m either physically tired or horribly […]

numero dos

El Weekend Wrap Up: ICYMI

El Weekend Wrap Up: Numero Uno  4 MAR 17 This was my week in cyber space. Now let me walk you through it… Shocking turn of events you didn’t expect… Dating App Don’ts… and familia feuds.