Border Wall Prototypes.

They’re All Horrible

  Border Wall Prototypes     Trump has been pushing for this damn border wall for almost two years now; even though several news reports say that fewer immigrants are actually coming into the US from Latin America than in years past. But he made […]

Diane Keaton Defends Woody Allen

The #MeToo Movement

  #MeToo     There’s no denying the power of the ongoing #MeToo movement that originated from the bombshell Harvey Weinstein allegations late last year. Many survivors (of all genders) are now coming forward to elevate their voices; the ones they may have initially considered […]

NFL says Janet Jackson is NOT Banned from Super Bowl.

Janet’s Not Banned

  NFL says Janet Jackson is NOT Banned from Super Bowl     As soon as it was announced over the weekend that; white pop sensation Justin Timberlake is next year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show performer; I, like countless others, immediately thought of the African-American […]

LGBTQ Refugees Unite.

Power In Numbers

  LGBTQ Refugees Unite.     As a Mexican-American growing up near the Texas-Mexican border; I’ve seen the realities of immigration first-hand. There are countless immigrants in my beautiful home state; who have crossed several borders in the hopes of creating a better life for […]

Most and Least Expensive Cities in the US.

Still So Expensive

  Most and Least Expensive Cities in the US.     Walking around Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood yesterday; I was gobsmacked just thinking about the exorbitant rent or mortgage checks these (chic) people write out each month. Yes, the apartments look stunning, but is it worth […]

Aging Latinos Living With HIV.

Never Forgotten

  Aging Latinos Living With HIV.     The CDC estimates that one in four Latino men who have sex with men will contract HIV in their lifetimes. That’s the CURRENT projection. This in no way takes into account the many gay and bisexual Hispanic […]