My First Same-sex Crush.

Backstreet Boys Ushered in My Gayness

  My First Same-sex Crush.     ICYMI. My latest for NewNowNext ‘Leaning ever-so casually against what appears to be a white-painted wall; (although lead singer and my first imaginary husband, Brian Littrell, rests against a brick wall); the Backstreet Boys came into my life […]

Connecticut Opposing Transgender Ban.

Malloy Defies Trump

  Connecticut Opposing Transgender Ban.     This is what I’d like to see more of: politicians who are UNAFRAID of standing up to Trump and his idiotic measures. Days after Trump said he was going to ban transgender troops from serving openly, Connecticut Gov. […]

Gay Man with Cerebral Palsy Opens Up.

Challenging Sexy’s Definition

  Gay Man with Cerebral Palsy Opens Up.     It’s extremely hard to NOT be self-conscious whenever you’re navigating the treacherous waters of online dating. For me, it was my mild acne and my slimmer-than-most physique that plagued me. I always felt I wasn’t […]

People Reading Real Grindr Conversations.

Stop This Hatred!

  People Reading Real Grindr Conversations.     As much as I love being gay, there are parts of the LGBT community that annoy me. For instance, I don’t have time for misogyny, transphobia, racism, xenophobia, or body-shaming from fellow queer people. Visit any dating […]

Attack to Dallas LGBTQ Center.

Justice for Dallas

  Attack to Dallas LGBTQ Center.     Because being openly LGBT is a HUGE political statement; our community’s opponents are very vocal about their feelings toward our existence and are unafraid of showing it. And sometimes they take that sentiment WAY TOO far, as […]

Learning LGBTQ Flags.

Wave Your Flag

  Learning LGBTQ Flags.     Weeks ago, we here at HeyXorje talked about Philly’s “updated” version of the traditional rainbow Pride flag; that incorporated both a black and brown stripe to signify the inclusion of queer people of color. Now, if you thought there […]