Why Trump's 'New American Moment' Isn't Right for Many Latinos. via Rolling Stone.

Enough Is Enough

  Why Trump’s ‘New American Moment’ Isn’t Right for Many Latinos     You can take the boy out of the border, but the border will always live deep within him. And that love of home will constantly drive him, especially during a very uncertain […]

Rising Suicide Prevention Calls From Transgender Kids.

Save Trans Kids

  Suicide Prevention Calls From Transgender Kids Are Rising.     A very close friend of mine volunteers for the Trevor Project; which is an organization whose resources are geared toward helping vulnerable LGBT youth contemplating suicide. Part of her job includes chatting with kids, […]

MTV Gender-Neutral Award.

The VMA Moon… Person?

  MTV Gender-Neutral Award.     ICYMI. Although I stopped watching MTV years ago (I don’t need to see ‘Teen Mom’ reruns, and I’ll pass on ‘Scream’ if that’s still a thing) I still applaud the network for being as “woke” as possible when it […]

Barack Obama's Speech for Jay-Z.

Obama’s Big Pimpin’

  ICYMI Barack Obama’s Speech for Jay-Z.     You know you’ve made an impact when a former president honors you. It’s no secret that Barack Obama’s a Jay-Z fan. He made that apparent over the years when he’d release a list of his favorite […]