World AIDS Day 2017.

World AIDS Day 2017

  Women and HIV   While there is no definitive cure yet, there’s most certainly a will and a way to fight back… and it’s our mission to do just that. Click HERE for more information.    

El Weekend Wrap Up 20 AUG 17.

El Weekend Wrap Up: ICYMI

  El Weekend Wrap Up 20 AUG 17. Here’s what’s trending this week on Now let me walk you through it…   UNO… Backstreet Boys Ushered in My Gayness   DOS… Gay Bars’ Girls Problem?   TRES… VICTORY!  

Women In Gay Bars.

Gay Bars’ Girls Problem?

  Women In Gay Bars.     I used to be one of those guys who got incredibly angry for having to share a gay bar with heterosexual cisgender women. I used to think, “This is our space! We don’t even have that many… and […]

International Women's Day.

Making the Case for Parity

International Women’s Day. I try my best to check my male privilege as often as possible. Even though I’m a gay Latino navigating life with those particular minority identities, I’m still afforded specific opportunities because of my penis. And that annoys me. Despite serving as […]