Race and Terror.


Watching the aftermath of Charlottesville has been rough. Hell, reliving that initial neo-Nazi rally through video segments, photos, and first-hand accounts is just as debilitating. Because no one ever wants to think that their country… their home… bore entitled racists who feel as though THEY’VE lost everything at the hands of minorities, be them racial/ethnic, sexual, or religious.

Before Donald Trump won the presidency, we assumed that white supremacists and KKK members were a thing of the past; that Nazis were only found in outdated text books. Well, it turns out that we live in a time of serious racial unrest, and our wannabe commander is fueling the hateful flames. Instead of condemning white nationalists, he’s humanizing them and comparing them to the type of patriots who see every human being as an equal.

Seeing all humans as equal IS how we ALL should live our lives. NOW is the time for loving, good-natured folks to UNITE and say that this won’t stand; that bigotry has no place in the “land of the free” in 2017. There are FAR more of us than there are of them.

I take comfort in knowing this. I take comfort in knowing that in the last few days, more passionate people have emerged to say that THIS is not their America.

But the truth is — it’s not. Not with Donald Trump as president.

#HateHasNoHomeHere  #YouReapWhatYouSow