Why Trump’s ‘New American Moment’ Isn’t Right for Many Latinos


Why Trump's 'New American Moment' Isn't Right for Many Latinos. via Rolling Stone.


You can take the boy out of the border, but the border will always live deep within him. And that love of home will constantly drive him, especially during a very uncertain political climate where home is the new political football tossed between both Republicans and Democrats.

Donald Trump, in a veiled attempt to supposedly help 1.8 million undocumented folks (his actual intentions are questionable) is asking for $25 billion in border wall funding to help fulfill his stupid campaign promise. Don’t forget; a vast majority of his supporters fear that MS-13 gang members are going to run amok killing U.S. citizens left and right. Yeah, that noise you don’t hear? It’s a xenophobic dog whistle.

Trump; like many GOP leaders before him; is adamant about denigrating the border and its inhabitants, which of course translates to brown people. Those brown people, though, are becoming sick and tired of being pawns in a game they never signed up for to begin with. That’s why I feel strongly when saying that for many of us originally from the US-Mexico border, enough is enough. We’re not giving Trump, or others in DC mulling the wall, a second thought.

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